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Cabernet and Watercolors

Add more color and depth to your life at Allora Denton. Whether you’re just picking up your first brush or fill your spare time with cabernet and watercolors, our luxury apartments encourage you to explore your creative side. We have several art galleries, museums, studios, and parks where you can immerse yourself in your craft, all within arm’s reach of our homes. There are even experiences you can share with others. So learn to express yourself in a new luxury apartment at Allora Denton and explore all the perks your desirable address provides.

Painting with a Twist in Denton

Painting with a Twist is a national chain renowned for inviting painting parties. Stop by the studio and attend one of their public classes, or set up a private party for you and your friends. Best of all, you can bring your drinks and snacks. Their studio is only three and a half miles from our luxury apartments, so painting with friends is an easy appointment to keep.

A Calendar of Artwork

Want a fun activity for you and your friends for an upcoming birthday? Painting with a Twist has new painting projects available for you throughout the month. Invite friends and socialize with local artists and hobbyists while a professional artist guides you. You can even take your finished artwork home to decorate your luxury apartment! How long has it been since your artwork hung on a fridge?

Snacks and Spirits

Don’t forget to bring your favorite beverage! Painting with a Twist allows you to bring drinks and snacks to your studio or private party. So keep things social with a glass of wine, a can of soda, or even some easy treats like fruit and cheese. So whether you are bringing snacks to your painting class or painting while you snack, you will love being artistic at Painting with a Twist.

Blend your love of cabernet and watercolors at Painting with A Twist near your new home at Allora Denton. Find the lifestyle you are looking for when you schedule a tour today!