Tasty Texas BBQ in Denton - Rooster's Roadhouse

Tasty Texas BBQ in Denton

Indulge all your culinary cravings at Allora Denton with Tasty Texas BBQ in Denton at Rooster’s Roadhouse. If there’s one thing that Texas is known for – other than cowboys and the lone star flag – you can find great barbeque joints in the area. So whether you’re a fan of ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, or a classic ribeye cheesesteak, our luxury apartments put you close to Denton’s best BBQ joints.

Rooster’s Roadhouse

Rooster’s Roadhouse is among the highest-rated Denton restaurants, featuring flavorful barbeque for all beef, pork, and chicken enthusiasts. They’re located in the heart of downtown Denton. A mere three and a half miles away from our luxury apartments. So all it takes to stop by is a ten-minute drive.

Sizzling Southern Flavors

Everything on their menu exemplifies the best of Texan barbeque. Start your meal with a refreshing green salad, bacon cheese fries, or their classic Texas Red chili with crackers. Afterward, move on to their main course and enjoy their many baskets. Try favorites like the brisket burger, the pulled pork sandwich, and the fish sandwich. They even have a vegetarian/vegan-friendly seared Veg Po’boy. Great for those with restrictive diets.

Catering for All Occasions

Finally, Rooster’s offers a catering menu for those looking to spice up their upcoming parties and special events. So whether you want to host a small weekend get-together at our luxury apartments or an epic feast to start the new year, they’ll have the meat and sides you’ll need to make it amazing.

Enjoy tasty Texas BBQ in Denton at Rooster’s Roadhouse, close to your new home at Allora Denton. Then, visit our Denton luxury apartments on your next Denton adventure.